Residential Indoor Programs

Water conservation means modifying personal habits to reduce water use. Another word for conserve is save. Think of all the ways you and your family use water every day. You take a bath or a shower, wash the dishes, do laundry, cook, drink water, brush your teeth, shave, wash your face, and more. That’s a lot of water used every day. Since water plays such an important role in our lives, it is essential that we learn to use it wisely. The Orange County Utilities Water Division has incentive programs to help you with your indoor water savings.

Program Links:

Showerhead Exchange

During April, which is designated as Water Conservation Month, Orange County Utilities water customers can receive up to three showerheads to replace showerheads that use 2.5 gallons per minute or more.To learn more about the Showerhead Exchange program, click here.

Toilet Voucher

The Toilet Voucher Program is now accepting applications for 2017. The program typically runs from the beginning of the year until late summer. 



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  • You do not have to replace your faucet to conserve water, just install an aerator.
  • Use low-flow showerheads.
  • Don’t use running water to defrost food.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.