Free Residential Irrigation Inspection

High water users who use potable (drinking) water to irrigate may be eligible for an inspection of the in-ground irrigation system that will:

  • Ensure the irrigation controller is set correctly to comply with the mandatory watering restrictions
  • Operate each irrigation zone to make sure it is running efficiently
  • Determine whether the rain sensor is functioning

A written report will be provided with recommendations to make the irrigation system more efficient.

Complete and submit the irrigation inspection request form. The form can be emailed to or faxed to 407-254-9848.  Call the Water Division at 407-254-9850 (select option 1, then option 2) if you have questions. You will be contacted after the request is received by a Water Division representative to verify your eligibility.

Irrigation Inspection Request



  • Plant it smart. Florida Friendly landscaping is a great way to design, install, and maintain your plants. It will save time, money, and water.
  • Install irrigation devices that are the most water efficient for each use. Micro- and drip-irrigation and soaker hoses are examples of efficient devices. 
  • Check sprinkler systems and timing devices regularly to be sure they operate properly.